• The Sabbath Yardstick

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    We are commanded to remember the Sabbath day. The whole day, not just the Sabbath meeting. The Sabbath entails much more than just a few hours on Sunday. It is a day long event. How we observe and sanctify the Sabbath is a sign between the Lord and us of our sanctification by Him. (Ex 31:13, Ezek 20:20)

    The Sabbath is not a common or profane day. It is a day set apart for a sacred purpose from the other six. “Trifle not with sacred things.” (D&C 6:12)

    Elder Russell Nelson taught at a BYU fireside, “Come with me to the high mountain, and I’ll suggest some ways in which you can measure your progress toward personal righteousness.  To begin, ask yourself, “What do I think of when I partake of the sacrament?… Here’s another spiritual yardstick: How do you feel about the Sabbath day?”

    Elder Nelson’s yardstick is fairly simple, two points of meaurement only, but they do reflect our overall spiritual health and progress. How are we measuring up? “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.” (Ex 20:8)


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